Workboats and Fishing

The commercial sector includes workboats and support vessels which perform a vital role in port and harbour operations.  These craft operate day and night, in all conditions and their role creates unique requirements for electronic equipment fitted.  It is essential that the vessels are in constant communication with their control centre and that their status can be easily monitored.  The safety of the vessel and crewmembers is also of paramount importance, and all equipment must be able to operate simply and reliably in the demanding marine environment. McMurdo – a world leader in the design and manufacture of marine safety equipment - provides a range of products integral to the commercial market including VHF Radio, SART, MOB recovery systems and Vessel Monitoring solutions.



Commercial Products


What is Vlink?

A complete Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) which enables fishing vessels to comply with European regulations by allowing governmental authorities to monitor and track vessels via satellite that are operating within regulated Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ). [full information]