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On the 2nd May 2013 two French hikers, holidaying in the Isle of Skye on Scotland's west coast, were rescued from the mountains after becoming disorientated in a storm. With no other means of contacting help they activated their Fast Find Personal Locator Beacon. Within minutes the RAF Rescue Coordination centre at Kinloss was notified. They then passed GPS location details via the Scottish Police to the local Skye Mountain Rescue Team and the UK Air Rescue Co-ordination Centre, who deployed a helicopter.

The poor weather meant that the helicopter was unable to mount a search for the couple, but instead was used to transport the mountain rescue team to the local area. The team was able to locate the couple, cold and wet but otherwise well, at the exact location their PLB was activated. The couple was then led down the mountainside to safety.

The Fast Find PLB has been instrumental in a vast number of documented rescues around the world from bear attacks in Alaska to climbers in New Zealand. But the use of PLBs on land in the UK was only made legal in January 2012. This change in legislation was a real breakthrough in the safety of outdoor enthusiasts venturing in to remote areas of the UK.

Fast Find takes the ‘search’ out of ‘search and rescue’ and ultimately reduces costs to these emergency responders.”