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Rescue Product UsedFastfind 210 PLB


Two hikers, walking close to Big Pine Mountain in the Los Padres National Forest in California, were rescued thanks to their Fast Find 210 PLB. They had got in to difficulties after attempting to hike through snow; the cold and wet weather caused them both to start suffering from hypothermia.

Eric Smith takes up the story:

"My girlfriend and I awoke on the last morning of our 4-day backpacking trip to find a good 4" of snow on the ground, with more falling. The temperature was well below freezing and there was no hint of sun in the sky.

We hit the trail early, having about 14 miles to the trailhead that day. The "trail", such as it was, was horribly overgrown and difficult to find, with many bad creek crossings and thickets of willow and alder. Very quickly, the wet and snow-laden brush had soaked every inch of us with freezing water, and had managed to get around our pack covers and soak most of our gear.

After covering about 3 miles in 4 hours, we were feeling early signs of hypothermia, were thoroughly exhausted, and were nowhere near the trailhead. We decided to set up our tent, crawl into whatever gear wasn't soaked, and struggle to get warm. As the weather continued to be gloomy and our attempts at getting warm were unproductive, we decided to call for a rescue.

Within an hour, a Santa Barbara County SAR helicopter appeared overhead. We were given more clothing by the SAR team, hiked with them to the nearest landing site, and were safe, warm and dry by the afternoon."