The leisure sector consists of small pleasure craft, including power boats, personal water craft and sailboats.  Although a large proportion of leisure craft limit their range to coastal waters, many operate offshore and have a global range.  As many of these vessels are privately owned, they are often operated on a limited budget and yet have the same requirements as any other vessel as far as the safety of those on board is concerned.  McMurdo leads the world in the design and manufacture of marine safety equipment which is both affordable and easy to use - to keep you, your family and friends safe while on the water.  Our products have been responsible for saving hundreds of lives all over the world and are designed to operate reliably under even the most demanding conditions.


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How Beacons Work

EPIRBs and Personal Locator Beacons use the COSPAS SARSAT network of satellites to transmit alert information to the appropriate rescue coordination centre. This system has truly worldwide coverage ensuring that a distress signal can be received wherever you are in the world.


  • PLBs are designed to be carried on the person so they are much smaller (about the size of a mobile phone).
  • PLBs are designed to be used anywhere in the world, on the sea and also on land.
  • PLBs, once activated, transmit for a minimum of 24 hours, EPIRBs a minimum of 48 hours.
  • An EPIRB is registered to a vessel, a PLB is registered to a person. This means that if you are crewing a yacht and you switch to a new yacht the plb is still correctly registered; however, if you have an EPIRB and buy a new yacht you will need to re-register it when installing in your new boat.