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McMurdo Marine Systems will exhibit the Oceania Marine Tracking Buoy System at the Shipbuilding, Machinery & Marine Technology International Trade Fair taking place in Hamburg, Germany from 4th – 7th September 2012.

“The Oceania Marine Tracking Bouy has been designed as a versatile tracking and monitoring system that can be tailored to suit a wide range of applications such as oceanography data monitoring, iceberg tracking, oil spill tracking or as a discrete marker buoy or search and rescue distressed vessel marker. This geolocalization system will be a great aid to institutional, governmental or private organizations wishing to determine the exact position of mobile objects and to track them in real time and at any point of the planet” explains Pierre-Jean Jannin, McMurdo Marine Systems BU Manager.

Equipped with a GPS receiver, a high range flashlight, a surface temperature sensor, an out of water sensor and an Iridium transceiver, the Oceania Buoy transmits this data to a dedicated server loaded with the McMurdo Marine Systems Tracking Buoy Management & Monitoring software, which can be installed either onboard a vessel or in an office, with the information being displayed in an easy to use format. This software platform can track up to 2,000 Oceania Buoys at any time and enables multi user control and monitoring from a number of different locations at the same time, with the ability to limit access and control of the data between individual sites. The transmission parameters, such as frequency of transmission, can also be modified from the server instantly thanks to the flexibility designed in to the system.

Product Features

  • The Oceania Buoy can operate in temperatures between -200c and +500c and has a solar rechargeable battery together with solar panels allowing up to two years of continuous operation before requiring a battery change
  • The electronic architecture of the Buoy allows the monitoring of up to five additional sensors enabling a tailor-made solution for a whole range of requirements and applications
  • An upgrade to carry alkaline cells is also available for specific applications such as oil spill monitoring
  • The buoy also benefits from worldwide coverage (via the Iridium satellite constellation) and can be activated and controlled at any moment
  • The Oceania Marine Tracking Buoy has worldwide approval and price is available on application

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