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McMurdo has been awarded a contract valued approximately 2.5 million euros from Thalos SAS, for the supply of tuna fish aggregating device (FAD) tracking buoys. This new contract, signed one month after receiving an order of €4m from CLS, represents another demonstration of the potential of McMurdo’s ’Partner Solutions’ OEM strategy.

McMurdo Partner Solutions: a turn-key engineering and manufacturing offering
Commenting on the contract, Ross Wilkinson, General Manager of Orolia’s Maritime Products Business Unit said “After the notification of several contracts in 2012 and 2013 for the supply of RF beacons for Vessel Monitoring Systems (VMS), this new contract with Thalos underlines our capacity and expertise in developing positioning and communication equipment for mobile objects, which are exposed to particularly extreme environmental conditions. Our unique status as the global leader in high-performance positioning beacons (Cospas-Sarsat, AIS, Argos or Iridium) allows us to offer unique solutions to the maritime world. In addition, thanks to our wide range of products and solutions, our extensive experience and our capacity to develop specialist radio beacons, we are attracting an increasing number of major world leading accounts such as Thalos, which has been a partner for over 15 years. These Partner Solutions business opportunities will provide us a significant source of potential growth and opportunities in the future” explains Ross Wilkinson.

"Thalos has been working very closely with Orolia for many years. The alliance between Orolia’s know-how in terms of design and manufacturing of satellite beacons for harsh environment, Thalos’ satellite communication and oceanographic data services, together with one of the most advanced software platform co-designed over the last past years allows us to offer one of the most advanced solution for tuna seiner. This new large order is a testimony of Thalos’ confidence in the market’s growth potential as well as in the benefit of the strategic partnership with Orolia”, explains Claude Barraud, Chairman of Thalos SAS.