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McMurdo has announced that it has signed a contract worth almost 4 million euros for the design and supply of Argos and Iridium beacons allowing countries' local regulatory coastal authorities to monitor, control and survey fishing fleets (VMS: Vessel Monitoring Systems).

"We are delighted to announce this new contract with CLS, who are one of the leading providers of global satellite systems. Their strong expertise in environmental monitoring, sustainable maritime resources and systems,  will enable us to demonstrate technical competencies in the field of positioning and communication beacons which can be attached to moving objects in extreme conditions. Our unique status as the global leader in high-performance positioning beacons (Cospas-Sarsat, AIS, Argos and Iridium) allows us to offer unique solutions in the maritime sector. Due to our size, our wide range of products and solutions, our extensive experience and our capacity to develop these specialist electronic beacons, we are attracting an increasing number of major international accounts that may provide us a significant source of potential growth in the future” explains Ross Wilkinson, General Manager of Orolia’s Maritime Business Unit.
"CLS has been working closely with OROLIA for the past twenty years. CLS has already supplied more than 15,000 fishing vessels with positioning and data collection beacons (positioning, sending of electronic log reports, receipt of weather warnings, etc.). CLS is hoping that this order will confirm their position as a reputable player in the VMS segment in more than 70 different countries," explains Christophe Vassal, General Manager of CLS.
The Argos and Iridium beacons will be delivered at intervals over a period of 3 years, following a 12-month design and assessment phase for these new platforms.

About McMurdo
McMurdo is a world leading producer of  Emergency Positioning Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRBs),  Personal Locator Beacons (PLBs), Search and Rescue Transponders (SARTs), Personal AIS Beacons, NAVTEX and VHF Radios for the maritime and leisure markets, including shipping, yachting,  and outdoor adventure pursuits.  The high quality product range is manufactured in the UK utilising the very latest technology available, and in partnership with the world’s safety regulatory organisations.    

About CLS
CLS, provider of satellite systems and supplier of value-added services, employs more than 470 people across the globe and reported a turnover of almost 79 million euros in 2012. Specialised in satellite positioning and data collection, ocean monitoring and surveillance, and global positioning of moving ground-based objects, CLS operates more than 80 instruments on-board 40 satellites. Comprising 17 offices and subsidiaries located throughout the world, the company supplies governments, scientific organizations and private companies in all four corners of the globe.   Latest news: 1) CLS bought the company EXEO SOLUTIONS, positioning the CLS subsidiary, Novacom Services, as the French leader of "pure global positioning". 2) CLS has taken over the operations of the performance control centre of the satellite mission, Sentinel-1, with a contract signed with the European Space Agency. This new mission is supported by the processing facilities at the CLS station at Brest,  VIGISAT, and by the skills of the teams who work there. As a result, CLS is integrating the ground-based segment of future Sentinel missions and reinforcing the foothold of their VIGISAT station in the European space landscape.