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The Smartfind S10 AIS Beacon uses AIS (Automatic Identification System) and GPS technology to give precise location information to aid the recovery of persons in difficulty at sea. The Smartfind S10 AIS Beacon will now carry the distinctive CE approval mark, assuring users of its high quality standards.

The approval recognises that McMurdo’s Smartfind S10 AIS Beacon complies with all essential requirements of the Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (R&TTE) Directive 1999/5/EC, the main route to compliance for all radio and telecommunications equipment sold in Europe.

This easy-to-activate product is ideal for use by divers, boat crews, or anyone else spending time on or near the water. Waterproof to 60m, as well as buoyant and compact, once activated, the Smartfind S10 AIS Beacon transmits structured alert message to AIS equipment onboard the vessel the individual has come from, and other AIS equipped vessels within a typical 4 mile radius. These messages indicate the precise location of the casualty together with bearing and distance to that location. This information can significantly reduce the time it takes to search for and rescue a person in difficulty at sea. The Smartfind S10 uses its inbuilt GPS receiver to regularly update its position information, and has a minimum transmission time of 24 hours, making it a reliable and effective personal safety product for both commercial and leisure users.